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Monday, 20 Jan 2020

Waltersons™ Lyrian Nebulae Class Star Ship UFO

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Waltersons™ Lyrian Nebulae Class Star Ship UFO Awesome quad rotor flying UFO. Excellent build quality, as expected from Waltersons, this amazing Star Ship utilises an advanced 6 axis gyro stability management system. It can automatically adjust the rotation speed of each rotor to ensure maximum stability. It takes an average 0.1 second for the average pilot's brain to react to any sudden movement, while it takes only 0.01 second for the advanced gyro management system to respond. Operating a flying saucer is slightly different than a helicopter, for one thing you need to be able to identify where the front of the craft is! To help you the Lyrian Star Ship is equipped with a LED light to the front. Even though the Star Ship itself is a highly sophisticated and stable flying saucer, we still highly recommend that Human pilots operate it in wide open spaces! REQUIRES 4X AA BATTERIES (NOT SUPPLIED)

• Quad Rotor System 2.4Ghz Radio Controlled

• Comprehensive Operating Manual Supplied

• Space Mountain Flipping 360 Degree Flip Sequence

• In-built Gyro System for added stability. Special Light Speed Mode

• Image is for illustration purposes only. Actual model may vary to that shown.